Pricing for Academia - GameLab Education - Games and Simulations for Operations Management classes

Pricing for Academia

What are the prices?

First 30 students 15 USD per access
From student 31th to 100th 12 USD per access
From student 100th to 200th 10 USD per access

More than 200 students? Need to use two or more games? Want to use our games in corporate training?

Ask for a quotation at

How do I purchase a GameLab simulation?

To use a GameLab simulation, it is required to purchase an access for every student that will be playing.

Students can purchase their access, or we can receive a payment from your institution. Transfer fees are up to the customer.

Each access includes the following benefits:

  • Use of the simulation as many times as needed during one academic period.
  • Game documentation (Teaching Note, Professor Manual and Student Manual).
  • A comprehensive professor training session via video call if needed.
  • Real-time support during all of your sessions.


Loving the GameLab experience?

Refer a colleague and earn free accesses for your class!

Refer your colleagues to use our simulations. For each access purchased, you will get a free access for the next academic period.

Just tell them to write at saying they were referred by you, and we will take care of the rest