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We’re looking for Ambassadors!

At GameLab we believe gamification is the XXIst century approach to education. Serious games and game based learning are reshaping everyday experiences at college, university and corporate classrooms, making lectures not just more effective, but also more fun and enjoyable. To do so, we have developed some amazing serious games. Now we are looking for students to become their campus ambassador, help us reach more professors, and improve management and business lectures while earning a commission.

Our Simulators

We already have seven simulators that cover different management concepts:

  • SodaPop Game: inventory management, process analysis and service level (fill rate).
  • PricinGame: pricing strategy and Revenue Management.
  • Coalition Game: linear programming, game theory and negotiation through stable alliance creation and collaborative logistics.
  • Balanced Scorecard Game: corporate strategy roadmap and strategy and performance management.
  • Venture Creation Game: business model and the steps on raising funds.
  • WareHouse Game: logistics, optimal resource management, optimal flow, storage of goods, and how to minimize costs and maximize value while reaching dispatch goals.
  • Perfume Game: brand management, market share and promotions along a consumer funnel.

Interested in becoming GameLab’s Ambassador in your campus?

Whether you’re interested, you have doubts, or just want to get in touch to try our simulators, write to email and join us in our dreams!