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3 years ago, Ekaterina Koromyslova, Assistant Professor of Operations Management at South Dakota University, started using games in her classes. Despite she never had this game-based learning experience as a student, she was willing to try new teaching methods in order to make her classes more efficient and enjoyable. After her first trial playing games… bingo! She achieved both goals at the same time with this one tool.

Ekaterina believes that playing games is a natural way to learn, as we observe children playing with toys, their role playing, and the transition of their skills from game to life.

But let’s be honest: change is hard for some, especially for those who are traditionals. However, a key for success is to embrace change and stay flexible. New things are popping up all the time and in all areas. Game-based learning in Education is a great example of it!

Ekaterina Koromyslova, Operations Management Professor at South Dakota University

“Based on my experience, the game playing is an universal and effective way to engage all students, what is hardly achievable with any other teaching approach. Also, playing games in class is a perfect way to reach all of different types of learners”, says Professor Koromyslova.

Additionally, she highlighted the fact that simulation is the easiest way to try different things without bad consequences. So, if students have the opportunity for these “trials” in class, they will have more chances to be successful at their workplace.

Once you try games you just go for more!

Looking for different teaching methods to provide better learning experience to her students Ekaterina have used both, physical and computer-based games in her classes. In fact, convinced of the power of playing, she even developed a Process Analysis game by herself.

However, in 2016 Ekaterina knew about GameLab, and tried one of our Operations games in class for the first time. The experience was so good that this year she not only repeat the experience but also played with another of our games.

“This is my second semester playing the PricinGame, and first time playing the Soda Pop Game. Students were motivated, participated well, and were able to apply their knowledge of the concepts. Also, competitive spirit and a bit of humor made the playing even more enjoyable. Actually, they requested an extra round of stage 4 in the PricinGame”, she said after using our two Operations games in class.

Are you ready to giving a shot to game-based learning as Ekaterina did? Be willing to change, because life wont stay the same!

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