We have big dreams - GameLab Education - Games and Simulations for Operations Management classes


by Felipe Walker, Co-Founder and CEO
Picture: Ramón Navarro, Ceremonial 2011, Punta de Lobos (Chile), photo credits: Escobar/Red Bull

In GameLab Education we have big dreams. We believe in a world where education is accessible for all. Where every student can build and shape its own according to their abilities and interests.

We know there’s a new world ahead of us

We are conscious we live in a world where machines and technology replace every day more and more human labour. Thus we dream in an education that allows individuals to adapt, and effectively acquire new skills to get better jobs and live better lives.

We know it is possible that 100% of the students in a class can approve every course. But only if they have the chance to learn effectively. We dream is no longer “normal” that the “slower” students should fail because they are not as “quick” as others. We believe in an education that does not leave anyone behind, where failure is just for those who want to fail. Not for those who try and try.

We dream learning can be fun and effective. That while making decisions in a management simulator, you can experience and learn relevant management concepts.

We dream about the new educational ecosystem

We believe in creating an education ecosystem where you compare your management abilities with students worldwide through management games. Tournaments based in the student’s abilities to make decisions in a virtual reality so that, at the end, they compete for who knows more, who better manages a distribution centre or uses better pricing techniques.

This will happen. Education is changing, and GameLab is at the centre of this revolution.

Ride the wave with us

We are watching the swell approaching us, it brings one big and amazing wave: gamifying education. We’re sure we can ride it, and we invite you to hop in and ride it with us. Play our simulators, use them in your classes an corporate trainings, learn and have fun. Because with GameLab Education it is possible.