About GameLab

Who we are

We are a company focused on transforming the learning experience through digital simulations that teach the contents to the students in a fun and engaging way. Our team is formed by Professors and people connected to University education that felt the need to develop more effective educational tools.

The company was born in 2013 and nowadays more than 7.500 students have been impacted by GameLab Education.

What we believe

Currently, the educational model does not fulfill the necessities of the Millennial Generation, which leads to a lack of attention, motivation and retention from the students.

We believe that the digital revolution will very soon impact education in a permanent way, and the learning methodologies should be updated according to the needs and expectations of new generations. But most important, we believe learning must be FUN!

What we do

We develop educational simulations/games that are:

  • Digital
  • Dynamic
  • Challenging

We already have 3 digital games in the field of Operations Management, and we are looking forward to expanding to other fields such as Marketing, Finance and Strategy, among others.